Sunday, August 17, 2014

Messy Stuff....

This week I discovered ink and paint and texture paste and all things messy, I have made my own mists and stencils.   Getting my creative groove on and enjoying this burst of mojo. 

Monday, July 28, 2014


So the last scrapbook haul that I posted was totally supposed to be it for the year until I made major dents in my stash....I hang my head in shame because I outrageously failed my spending freeze in spectacular fashion over not one or two trips out and about but on five separate occasions including four to spotlight.  I am ashamed and have subsequently banned myself from travelling anywhere near that side of town so I can avoid the place where my husbands money enters and never returns i.e. SPOTLIGHT.

Stationary is kind of a big deal to me, big deal.  I love it but that's kind of where it ends as I am one of the most disorganised people I know.  My cupboards are immaculate and organised to an inch of there lives but everything else is a mess and all that gorgeous stationary is used for a week and then shoved in the draw of no return until one of the kids needs something to draw in.  No way they are getting there hands on these goodies, I have a thing for floral and bright colours and anything cupcake related....big kid at heart always.

Oh my goodness I am dying from the cuteness...look at those adorable stickers and little plastic envelopes, tooooo cute. 

Fabric goodies.  I love fabric especially printed quilting cotton the trouble is I have grand ideas, limited sewing skills, even less patience and I am fairly lazy when it comes to actually pulling out my sewing machine so I just keep adding to my already sizable stash and I don't make a dent in it.  In my defence I actually do have plans for all of these fabrics and I didn't just buy them because they are pretty *cough cough* all other fabric purchases I have made in the last two years.  I am going to make pretty ruffled edges and trim some white tea towels with the pink kitchen print fabric, I am going to make an apron and a cricut cover out of the cupcakes and I am making a skirt and an apron for my daughter out of the dog print....wish me luck.  

Maggi Holmes Love Notes was all on major clearance and I picked these up for half off the sale price, so the $4 stack was only $2....what these prices are too insane for me not buy them.
Just a few things that I did pick up throughout my trips back and forth.  The thickers were both on sale and there was no way I was leaving without that map print set.  The Heidi Swapp stuff was on 30% off, Kaiser was 40% off except for the collection pack and the carousel stickers were just too adorable for me to leave behind.  


American Crafts goodies.  I bought these on my first trip out to Spotlight when they first started reducing all the older stock, I realise that these are all older stock but I didn't buy into the whole Amy Tan/Dear Lizzy stuff bandwagon when it first came out and at $3 a piece I was happy to pop these into my basket.

Assorted bits and pieces I have picked up from my LSS and from Big W.
I have many photos from our trip years and years ago at the Auckland Zoo and I  have never scrapbooked them but I also have never really found a line of paper or embellishments that I liked enough but this echo park line is perfect.
Albums.   I have been waiting for AGES for a good album sale and finally Spotlight had 50% off so I had to go and buy some.  On the day that I was there I bought two buuutttt when I went back a few days later they had the brown Amy Tan albums at $1 each WHAT THE ACTUAL......seriously $1.  I bought three, I could have bought more but I can't be too greedy, actually I should  have bought them just for the refills which I have already put to good use. 

I seriously need more crafting and less shopping in my life.  Life has been stressful sick and busy lately and my craft space inhabited by a family member staying with us so there hasn't been anything actually happening in the scrapping department.  Bring on the end of the week when my house is actually clean and empty and the kids are not sick and at school.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Say what!!!!

I have been blogging in some form for the past eight years, over three different blogs and two different blog addresses.  Sometimes I blog about food, or things I like or pinterest but one thing is a forever constant, I am primarily a paper craft blogger and a out and proud traditional paper scrapper.  I have seen a million changes in this little hobby of mine from the days of creative memories and primary coloured Canson paper to mixed media type artsy stuff that we see so much of today, I have bought first edition magazines and then in subsequent years bought the last, I have seen scrapbooking stores filled to the brim with the latest and greatest and seen lines out the door for the final day sales but I never ever in all my years thought I would see the day when this happened....

I can't even.....
This was news that had long been rumored on the message boards and it was a reality that I saw coming but the news is still a shock.

 I was a lurker for a few years before I decided to join up and unlike some women I never did find that place where I fit in and made life long friends, no two peas was just a place where I went and sought inspiration and advice but it was my place where I could be free to love my hobby for myself and share with other like minded people with a passion for scrapbooking.

The first layout that I posted on two peas all the way back in 4/5/2007

I will forever remember the days when you could not even keep up with the first three pages on both the general scrap and NSBR and pages upon pages of layouts to drool over, of RAK's and praise trains and Pea Soup, the inspiration that the talented garden girls gave us and introducing me to some of my all time favourite scrapbookers.

I have no idea where I am going or what place I am now going to call home but I will always have those fond memories of when my little hobby was the coolest craft in town.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Instagram love

Hot smoked salmon, sourdough rye, avocado and tomato...simply amazing
 Even on a Saturday Brisbane traffic....sigh
Beautiful surprise from my garden this morning 
I like lunch too mum 

Spent the day with this lovely little lady 
One for the road 
Batman and batgirl  in the house

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Pirate and princess day at kindy and what better way for a little boy to celebrate but to dress up in his finest pilage and plundering finery.

This was another one of those layouts that was almost done for a long time but just needed to have the finishing touched added (titles and journaling seems to be my scrapbooking kryptonite).

I finally busted out my cricut and cut the title as I just could not find anything in my stash that would work, I seriously had nothing at all.  One of the best things is that I used paper that is well into its double digits with that orange weave print paper, nothing beats being able to mix vintage and new products to create.  Another highlight is being able to use that treasure chest sticker, my mum bought me a bucket load of sticker a while back from a cheap shop and I seriously wondered with these what I could use them for, I am not a huge fan of this style of silhouette stickers but it worked perfectly for this layout.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Instagram love

Nap Time 
Some big arse lollipops.... 

I love the belly scratch 
The King and I 
My pretties 
Wait till he finds out what else is going to happen to him 
Zach's first night game 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Well that took a while....

I am not going to lie....I am a slow scrapper but these have been a long time in making.

I started both of these layouts in September.....2012.

When I started these layouts I was house sitting for a friend and took a scrapbook kit I made from my stash but then I kind of got stumped on the both of them, one was finding the right alpha stickers and the other was more of an embellishment issue.

Nosey Norah.
I Just loved this American Crafts paper when I first laid eyes on it but it has proven to be very difficult to actually use, finally I found the perfect photo but the busy pattern made it hard to work with and then place any kind of title but time was my friend and then finally Thickers to the rescue, once I found the bigger of the fonts it was easy to match something else in and that was the black typewriter alpha that is an early 2000's Pebbles, how I love finding uses for my vintage stash.  Another notable old stash appearance is from those glorious Sassafras Lass corner stickers and that green leaf which I believe is Green Tara from the pre 2005.

Make a note of this moment.
This one proved the most difficult to finish off as I just could not find the right embellishments to finish, and as much as I love the papers that I used they are very different from the colour palette that I would normally use.  The best part of this layouts though is that gold dot vellum peeking out from behind the photos, I totally missed out on that most coveted Dear Lizzy vellum when it made its rounds in the scrapbooking world but I figured that with a stamp I already owned and some gold embossing powder I too could have a comparable product....winnning.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Instagram Love....

Pyjama print for the win 

Goodbye faithful fat lady shirt, death by over washing you shall be missed...

Cupcake day

The lorikeets lounge

Peanut butter has never been so good....

Death by clumsiness and butter it would seem

Op shop.....why you charge so much for old second hand plastics?

Sunday afternoon, kids, dog, couch, noise

Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday Faves...on Monday!

1. Exfoliate- I NEED to have this in my life and on my bathroom wall...NEED!

2. Command Centre- I have been wanting to get something like this in my entryway for a while and I love this, pretty much the perfect set up.

3. Sun Print Tote- I have been wanting to play around with that fancy expensive sun paint for a long time now but this is a much much cheaper alternative.  My mother in law is coming to stay with us soon and I think this will be a fun activity for us to play around with.

4. Disney Little Villians- Oh goodness, I am in love with these adorable prints.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday Faves....

Era Vulgaris/Queens Of The Stone Age- Golly gosh how I wish that I had listened to this album back in the day because I feel like I have missed out on so many listening opportunities, it is not very often you come across an album that you like the whole way through.

Strawberry & Cream Kirks- Pretty pink and slightly sweet, really enjoyed this limited edition soft drink, shame it wont be around for too long.

Hell Bunny/Super Sweet  50's Dress- Cupcakes, sprinkles, diamonds, rainbows and teddy bears what isi there not to love?  Must have this soon.

Let The Wookie Win/James Hance- I have been following James Hance's work for a long while now but I always come back to this one as one of faves.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Instagram Love....

 Morning Coffee, Purple Lips

 Under 6's, glorious sunshine and bone chilling wind

 No fancy glass of wine for these ladies who lunch....

 Four days of this beautiful view and friends, easter break success.

 A little sunday afternoon cake crafting... just got better

Dads garden always has something happening